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Allan began the idea of “JAM FOR THE WORLD” in 2016 as a way to somehow help people, hunger, children, elderly as well as the environment and other causes that need money and action. He has always been involved in trying to help others with music and this idea seemed to be a great way to reach out even further than just locally. Why not try to help causes around the world, with music!  JAM FOR THE WORLD was born and he is working to make it grow as large as possible to bring the full impact to assist great causes that need help.

All proceeds from webcasts, videos and events go to benefit others by providing that money to charities.




Allan James, musician, singer-songwriter and international recording artist lives in a small town in Northern Virginia, where he writes, records and produces albums from his home and studio surrounded by beautiful mountains in the Shenandoah Valley.

Although well known for his creative and diverse style of guitar playing, Allan is also an award-winning singer-songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist. A self-taught musician, he began playing guitar & singing when he was 8 & in his early teens began recording his original songs & performing at schools, dances & charities.

At age 15 he moved to Iceland for a few years where he had his own guitar TV show and performed with the most famous rock band in Iceland on their TV show on Icelandic TV. He headed back to the U.S. to record his 1st single, becoming a favorite in the Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC. The single was played on DC101 FM radio station.

Allan has performed & recorded for several years as a solo artist and has released 6 albums and 2 singles. He was also the leader of some successful rock bands in the DC area, and was the founding member of popular rock band “Arc of Light” which toured the East Coast & released 2 albums, a single and several music videos. They also performed on TV and at local venues such as The Bayou, Maxims, Louis Rock City, The Library, The Wax Museum and others.

Growing up Allan was influenced by some great artists in several genres, though his own sound & approach to writing and recording is unique & original. He has developed into an extremely creative & versatile musician, singer/songwriter. His music has been described as being unique, meaningful, melodic, emotive, atmospheric with a rock edge, while being favorably compared to bands such as Pink Floyd, Moody Blues, U2 & Coldplay.

Allan has always been at the forefront of utilizing the latest tech with music, the web & multimedia, being one of the 1st within the DC area for streaming his songs & live shows via webcasts having built his own webcast and recording studio in his home. Allan realized the immediate potential and opportunities that allowed musicians and artists to more easily get their music out to the world!

Allan continues to build a very strong fan base of several thousand fans around the world. With the success of his first international album release “Doors to Somewhere”, new music videos, a new single and upcoming live performances, his music career and future looks very bright. He is currently in the studio recording his new album. 

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